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An easy and different way to travel is by staying in warm homy feeling accommodations. Airbnb has come to really revolutionize the new era of the hoteling industry!

Sometimes you just need more than a fancy cold hotel with no ovens, a couch, or a home like stay.

Airbnb is a mix of different types of accommodation basically servicing any need you have when you travel: 1 bedroom in a house, a full apartment, a house or a mansion. You can find anything. You fill find a lot of people opening up their homes in small villages in the mountain and renting out a room and offering you complementary breakfast all the way to huge mansions rentals available just for your short or long stay. It really is as flexible as a hotel as far as bookings flexibility go, but is provides you with all the needs, appliances and comfort a house would have.

Pricing trends to be a lot lower than booking a hotel room - for room or apartment booking.

Airbnb also provides a very secure guest and host interface, with ID verification, secure payment systems, review based profiles and insurance for all sides.

It is really a very handy and fun way to travel and you really can find it almost anywhere these days! Even where there are no hotels!

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Trusted House-sitters

If you are traveling on a very tight busked - meaning you don’t want to spend any money on accommodation. Guess what? That is possible too!

Trusted House Sitters is a platform that will find you a house anywhere around the world in exchange of your services to look out for the house or owners pets. Its the best gig really.

What happens is, a lot of people travel a lot and/or have other houses or jobs around the world. So sometimes when they travel they want someone to stay over at their homes to take care of the house, get the mail, and most likely take care of their pets - dogs, cats, birds. Anything really, but those are the most common pets.

In exchange, instead of paying someone to stay over at their homes, they put their homes available with the desired dates on Trusted House Sitters. From there, travelers also with a set up profile, can look for homes around the world where they can stay while on their vacation, and what its best - FOR FREE! Well, almost for free, you will need to exchange your best caring services and take good care of the house and pets. But that is pretty much IT!

The only charge to you as a traveler is the sign up fee on Trusted House Sitters website. Fess vary according to your location.

If you have more questions and would like help signing up, you can book a 30 min advising and consulting sessions with one of our experts here.

World Packers

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